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Deserting the Elderly

“A society’s quality and durability can best be measured by the respect and care given to its elderly citizens”, said Arnold Toynbee.

In their pursuit of earning more and to best satisfy their needs, the youth fail to find time for themselves or their immediate family, especially the elderly.  They fail to realize that old age is a phase in everybody’s life.  All that the elderly crave for is companionship and love, which is the main reason why they opt for assisted living facilities like nursing homes.  But when the industry that is supposed to take care of one’s loved ones, starts abusing them, it is really disheartening.  However, it is more saddening that abuse in nursing homes is growing at an alarming rate.

Mistreatment of elders ranges from verbal abuse and neglect to aggravated and exploitative forms of harassment such as physical, mental/psychological, sexual, and financial abuse.  In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss the mental/psychological abuse of the elderly.

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